Post-election notes from Florida, November 2022

Donald Trump is a coward’s idea of a tough guy. A macho man hero for all the wilted simpering chumps that America produces in bulk. Costco commandos. Soft-in-the-middle militia men, struggling to secure their flak vests over bulging bellies. I can’t shake the feeling that if Hunter S. Thompson were still with us his withering… Continue reading Post-election notes from Florida, November 2022

Passing Thoughts from the Margins of the Semester, Part One

This world makes small people. Even the big people are really just small people inflated to globe spanning proportions. Enormous depressing wind socks gyrating violently.  It starts with the screen, which sucks you into it and out of the world. So much time and energy and possibility offered up, a sacrifice given without remuneration.  Earbud… Continue reading Passing Thoughts from the Margins of the Semester, Part One

There’s music on Clinton Street all through the evening…

Some year ago, I heard Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" for the first time. The exact year is lost but I was old enough, and pretentious enough in my music tastes, for it to be an embarrassing revelation. Yet, there's also a visceral rush in stumbling upon something fabulous that you should not have, but… Continue reading There’s music on Clinton Street all through the evening…


In that hollow period between Christmas and New Year's Eve, impatient for 2021 to end but hesitant to enter 2022, I listened to "The Death of Nuance" in the concerned but indolent way middle-class-BBC4-listeners do. The programme argues we are caught within increasingly sharp political dichotomies, ensnared by technology, biology, unrelenting complexity. It all has… Continue reading Nuance